Why Dating Cougars Is Simply Better

There are things which are sexy about mature women, but when you have not date a cougar you may not know what you’re losing. There are many things that make older ladies sexy and dating them could be exciting. It’s not all about the great sex, although that’s definitely a bonus. Below are the reasons you should take pleasure in the company of an older woman.

  1. You don’t need to compliment her

A more mature woman normally comes from a place in life where she is more settled compared to when she was in her early 20s. There’s a possibility that she has already accomplished many goals. She may have an ex-husband and children but she owns her own home, financially self-sufficient and satisfied in her own career. There’s no pressure on the younger man in her life to be, she’s got it covered herself, and she’s with you because that’s what she wants and not what she needs.

  1. Assertive is Sexy

Older ladies have many years of experience in life. They know what they want, what works for them and what doesn’t. A cougar won’t be scared to let you know about it either and while it’s ideal not having to be a mind reader with women, assertiveness in the bedroom is a real turn on. Her confidence also leads to the chance of genuine honesty in a relationship. Having the freedom and ability to discuss her sexual desires is nice but her insight into solving the problems of the world is superb. Check out datecougarlocal.com, the hottest dating website for cougars and older women.

  1. She Has More Stuff than You

You won’t need to clean up your place before she comes over because her place is better and that’s where she will want to spend her time. The best part about that is you can leave at any time you want to and she won’t be giving you a hard time about it. She is less likely to worry about your vehicle, your job or the amount of money you have made because she has her own. A cougar just wants some romance, enjoyable time and pleasure from her youthful man.

  1. She Is Interesting and Secure

There is a probability that your cougar lover will not be worrying about your female friends that call you and won’t be stalking you on Facebook. She will also not spend as much time focused on her smartphone. Cougar has lived a life; she’s has been to places and know many people. She can hold an interesting conversation, share her interests, opinions and ideas.



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