Until this wikiHow teaches you just how to clear both your actual watch history and their search history from YouTube. You can do this approach both in the phone app and on the exact desktop site.Open YouTube. get subscribers , which unfortunately resembles a white pie on a red foundation. This will open some YouTube home page if or when you’re logged in. When you aren’t logged in, enter your email bring up (or phone number) together with password to continue.

Tap your profile famous. It’s in the top-right corner of the movie screen. If you don’t keep a profile picture, this specific icon will resemble one particular person’s head and shoulders, or the first notification of your name attached to a colored background.Tap Environments. This option is not too distant the middle of how the drop-down menu.Scroll down but also tap Clear watch profile. It’s in the “PRIVACY” group of options. Android, first tap Creation & privacy.Tap CLEAR Look HISTORY when prompted. This kind will remove all connected with the videos you’ve noticed from your YouTube a brief history. On Android, instead tap Ideal when prompted.

Open YouTube. Go – https://www.youtube.com/ in your much-loved browser. This will even open your YouTube home world-wide-web if you’re logged . If you aren’t logged back into YouTube, click Sign in the top-right neighborhood of the screen and as a consequence enter your email consider (or phone number) in addition to the password.

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