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Why Sexting Has Grown Amongst Teens

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Sexting is the act of sending or receiving sexually suggestive images, sexually explicit photos, voicemails, messages, videos via the cell phone, computer, webcam, the internet and much more. Examples of sexting include sending nude photos, selfies or videos which show sex acts or simulated sex. is the popular website for free sexting.

Sexting is has grown a lot among youth and the age group doing it keeps getting younger and younger. Nowadays, where text messaging is a common form of communication, researchers have found out that 8 out of 10 teens are into sexting. This has made sexting to grow more among teens.

Why Has Sexting Grown Amongst Teens?

The problem of teen sexting has gained the attention of the media, causing concern among educators, parents and law enforcement agency. Sexting is common among the youth of 13-19 years of age and they feel normal about it.

Sexting is known to be associated with impulsiveness in substance use. Although, sexting is not a measure of mental well-being of an individual. It is considered to be an indicator of risky sexual behaviors.

What Are the Causes of Sexting?

Sexually curious behavior is normal, reflective and evident of normal sexual development during adolescence. But, sexting happens because of some reasons and the causes differ between genders.

Safe Sex: Some teen feels sexting as a safe form of sex because of sexually transmitted disease or risk of pregnancy.

Means of Communication: Many young adults and teens in romantic relationships consider sexting to be a private, regular and safe means of communication compared to mobile voice interaction.

Pressure and Fun: Most girls’ sext as a joke, to feel sexy or draw attention. Most girls are pressurized by guys and this can cause sexting.

To Gain Popularity: Most times some teens consider seating as normal behavior or a way to flirt and gain popularity. Some girls also get influenced by the lewd celebrities and videos that go viral on the internet.

What are the Consequences of Sexting?

Physical Consequences: Teens may be harassed, ridiculed or victimized. They can be forced into a sexual service or involve in any physical abuse by people.

Social Consequences: A teen whose video or photo is widely distributed on social media platforms may have to face bullying, humiliations and cyberbullying. They may restrict themselves from going to school, taking parts in sports or other extracurricular activities. They can also face difficulty in losing or getting scholarships. Also, the internet posts may disturb teens in the future. It can make it difficult to get a job. The society may also reject them.

Extortion: Blackmailers and extortionists may use the victim’s sexual content for their sexual or financial benefits.

In conclusion, sexting is spreading very quickly among teenagers and it has a negative effect on the teenagers. They are not aware of consequences of what they are doing. Good parenting can solve this problem and parents should teach their kids on how to make the best use of the internet and mobile phones.